Client Billing 2.0 FAQ's

  1. What happens after I sign up for Client Billing 2.0 on 2/3/2015?

    • After you sign up for Client Billing 2.0 you are finished with your part, and there is nothing else you need to do. The billing for your clients will not be moved to use Client Billing 2.0 until 3/3/2015 when it becomes active.
  2. How does the new client billing work?

    • We will continue to bill your clients on your behalf, like we do now. However, they will be billed through your Stripe account, and you will receive your client's entire payment directly and immediately. Furthermore, your company information will be listed on the invoice and also on the customer's credit card statement.
    • Another difference is that now we will bill you separately based upon when your clients pay. Your clients will continue to be billed on their current monthly billing date. On your current billing day we will bill you for all of the websites that have paid since your last billing date. Your clients will always pay in advance for the coming month, and you will always pay based on the payments your clients have made.
  3. What happened to my Money Pile?

    • There is no more money pile. All of the money that previously went to your money pile will now goes directly to your bank account that is attached to your Stripe account.
  4. Do I still get my LightCMS Rewards?

    • If you were currently in the LightCMS Rewards program, you will now see your earned rewards applied as credits to your account.
  5. What if I don't sign up for this great Client Billing 2.0 feature?

    • If you have client billed sites, you will need to sign up for Client Billing 2.0. However, if you forget to sign up or you have a lapse in judgement and don't sign up by the 3/3/2015, all of your client billed sites will be moved to account billed. This means we will charge you for each site and you will be responsible for billing your clients. 


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