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Let Clients Sign Up for Their Own Websites

Using the LightCMS Signup Element, you can create an automated signup form on your own company website. This allows your customers to sign up for their own free websites under your account. The entire process is private labeled. You can customize the content in the terms and conditions, welcome emails, and confirmation messages your clients see. You can also upload your own design to be loaded onto the website when it's created. You can be notified by email whenever a new website is created and we'll send you the customer's information so you can follow up with them.

Marketing Resources and Guidelines

As a reseller, you will likely be involved in marketing LightCMS to your own clients. When you do, we ask that you adhere to the Reseller Marketing Guidelines below. You are also welcome to utilize any marketing resources listed below.

LightCMS Professionals

Grow your business by helping customers make the most of their websites.

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