Disable a website

Disabling a site stops the billing and allows you to come back to the site sometime in the future.  

  1. Select Account.

  2. Click the Websites tab.

  3. Click on the website name link under the Site name heading.

  4. Click on the Disable button.
  5. Read through the information about disabling the site 
    • Disabling suspends the monthly charges and shuts down your public website, replacing the home page with a message that "This website has been disabled." The content of the website remains intact so that it can be enabled again later. Please read the following and confirm your desire to disable this website.

      • Disabling this website will immediately shut down the public side of the site. The website content will no longer be accessible, though it will be preserved. You will still be able to log in to access the account and billing pages for this site.
      • When you disable this website, you will forfeit any unused portion of your monthly fee. No refunds will be issued.
      • You may re-enable this website at any time. When you do, your account will incur a pro-rated charge to pay for the website from the date you enable to the date of your next billing cycle.
  6. Click on the Disable website button.

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