Tokens are small bits of code that let you integrate LightCMS's dynamic content management functionality with your website designs.  This section provides detailed information about our tokens and how to utilize them.

Editable Region

<$region$> <$/region$> 
Purpose This token defines an editable content region in your template, allowing logged-in users to manage the content in the region using our system's easy to use tools. 


  • The name attribute is required
  • Each region must be given a unique name.
  • One region on every template must be named "main". This should normally be the primary region, and it will be used as the default region by the system for your template.


  • The defaultElements attribute is optional.
  • This attribute lets you specify which if any elements should be added to the page by default when the page is created.
  • Values for this element include:
    • blog
    • calendar
    • donation
    • evite
    • form
    • image
    • links
    • login
    • productlisting
    • signup
    • text
  • To add more than one element to a region, enter a comma separated list of the elements as the value for the attribute. For example: defaultElements="image,text,productlisting,text"
  • If a region should have no default elements, omit the defaultElements attribute.
Example Usage
Create one or many editable regions on your template page.  If you want default content to appear in the region if no content has been added by the user, add that default content between the opening and closing tags.  Default content is optional and is most often left blank:

<$region name="main"$>
This is default content which will appear in the region if no content has been added by the user.  This content is optional and is most often left blank.
Example with Default Elements  <$region name="main" defaultElements="image,text,productlisting,text"

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