FTP Secure

You must use FTP Secure (FTPS)  for bulk transfer of files to or from the server or for file transfers outside the HTML Image Manager. Only users with the administrator's role can log in to the site via FTPS. You can use any FTP client that supports FTP over SSL for transferring files. The connection settings for your FTP Client should be as follows:

  • Server/Host - ftp.publishpath.com
  • User Name - user@email.com/usersite.publishpath.com
    • user@email.com equals the site administrators email address
    • usersite equals your publishpath site address
  • Password - The site administrator's password
  • Encryption Method - Implicit SSL
  • Port - 990

Specific FTP Clients

Some of the most common and readily-available FTP clients that support FTP over SSL are WinSCP and FileZilla for Windows and Transmit for Mac. Other web development tools such as Dreamweaver also allow you to transfer and retrieve files from the server. Click one of the following links to view connection settings for that FTP client:

Items to Note

  • The server allows uploads of only the files on the list of safe file extensions. This list is a compilation of all extensions currently allowed on your CMS through the web interface. The list is included at the end of this topic.
  • The server allows uploads of files 250 megabytes or less in size.
  • The server considers your website's storage limit and prevents you from uploading files that place you above your storage limit.
  • You cannot delete files from special directories.  For example, when you attach a file to a blog post, the file is stored in the system as /Blog/<contentID>/<filename>.  Since these directories have special meaning, the server prevents you from deleting the directories or their content. You can, however, download files from the special directories.
  • You can create directories outside of the special directories and upload any files of the allowed types to those directories.
  • The templates directory is not considered a special directory, and you can add or delete files from the templates directory. This makes it possible for you to edit your templates and designs in the text editor or design program of your choice.

Safe File Extension List

The following table presents a full listing of safe file extensions. These extensions identify the files that can be uploaded to your site either through an HTML interface such as the Image Manager or via FTPS.

css jpg mp3 ppt txt xls
aifc doc js mpa pptx wav xlsx
aiff docx m1v mpe rm wax xml
asf flv m3u mpeg rma wm zip
asx gif mid mpg rmi wma
au htm midi mpv2 rmv wmp
avi html mov mvr snd wmv
bmp ico mp2 pdf svg wmx
class jpeg mp2v png swf wvx

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