Tokens are small bits of code that let you integrate LightCMS's dynamic content management functionality with your website designs.  This section provides detailed information about our tokens and how to utilize them.

Element Token

The element token enables you to share an element across pages on a website and also across multiple websites by specifying the Global ID assigned to that element. To share an element in this manner, simply insert the element token in the template file and specify the Global ID of the element you want to share.

 The Global ID is displayed in the element settings on the Advanced tab.

Purpose Displays the element based on the elements Global ID
Example Usage
To share an element, such as a gallery, blog, calendar, etc across multiple pages on a site or across multiple pages on multiple sites with the same account owner.

<$element globalID='916c12dd-f338-43c0-9e88-75f2d1dcf463'$><$/element$>