How can I add a Flash slideshow using XML?

  1. Log in to your site.
  2. Click Design on the Admin menu.

  3. Locate your design in the list of designs.
  4. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Select Edit Source.

  6. Review the list of template files and verify that your XML file is included in the files. If it is not, you will need to upload it to your template via FTP Secure, to make sure you are able to see it.  We will need the XML file there for later steps.
  7. Click the Cancel button on the Source Editor to close it.
  8. Go to the text element that contains your embed code and click Settings to edit the text.
  9. Click the < > HTML button at the bottom of the text editor to change to HTML view.
  10. Add this attribute to your embed tag:


    This tells your Flash player where to find your XML file.  In step 7 we verified that our XML file was in the template folder with our other HTML templates.

    • WEBSITENAME- This is the name of you site that you signed up for.  It is the name that is in front of  If your address was then your website name would be lightcms.
    • TEMPLATENAME- This is the name of your template from the design manager.  If you need help finding what this is, go to your design manager and see what template has a check to the left of the name.  That is the template that your XML file needs to be and the name to use.

  11. Go to your XML file in the design manager.  Follow steps 1-4 above to get to the design manager.
  12. Open a new window and make sure you are logged into your website.
  13. Go to one of your text elements and upload your photos if you have not already.  We suggest making a special folder for your images so they are easier to update in the future.

  14. In the following screenshot we see five images in the FlashRotator folder.

  15. Click the Cancel button to exit the Image Manager.
  16. Go back to your XML file and add this as the image location as seen in the image below.

  17. If you have done everything properly your Flash slideshow will now display on your site.

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