Downgrade your account

  1. Click on your name in the top right of the admin toolbar and select Account from the drop down menu.

  2. Click the Websites tab.

  3. Find the website you would like to downgrade in the list and click on it's name beneath Site Name.
  4. Click the Change Plan button.

  5. Choose the package that fits your needs:

    • Personal- 1GB/ 10 pages/ 100 SKUs
    • Standard- 3GB/ 25 pages/ 1000 SKUs
    • Premium- 6GB/ 50 pages/ 2,500 SKUs
    • Professional- 12GB/ 100 pages/ 5,000 SKUs
    • Unlimited- unlimited storage/ unlimited pages/ unlimited SKUs

  6. Click the Purchase button.

Note: If you have more storage space, pages, and/or users than allowed by the plan you are going to, you will need to delete storage space, pages, and/or users until you get to the appropriate amount.

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