Tokens are small bits of code that let you integrate LightCMS's dynamic content management functionality with your website designs.  This section provides detailed information about our tokens and how to utilize them.


Token <$include/$> 
Purpose This token imports the contents of a separate include file, inserting them into your markup.  
  • virtual= this is a required attribute used to specify the path to the file whose contents you want to include. The file referenced must exist in your design files and must have the .inc extension. The contents of your referenced file may not contain another include token, though it may contain any number of our other available tokens. The path you include here is relative to the root of your design.
Example Usage Use this token to include the contents of a file called "" which is in the design's root.

<$include virtual="" /$>

Or, include a file that's in a subdirectory off the design's root:

<$include virtual="/includes/" /$>

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