Offering LightCMS Setup Services

Those accepted into the LightCMS Professionals program have the opportunity to offer LightCMS Setup services to LightCMS customers. LightCMS Setup is a pre-defined set of services offered at a fixed price. All LightCMS Professionals who offer LightCMS Setup are offering exactly the same set of services for exactly the same price. This article defines the scope of LightCMS Setup services and documents the fixed price for these services.

LightCMS Setup Fixed Price: $500 USD

Scope of LightCMS Setup Services:

  • Applying one of the included LightCMS Themes to a customer's website.
  • Customizing theme colors and fonts using the built in LightCMS Design Editor
  • Assisting with Website and Store Settings, including:
    • Website Logo
    • Custom Domain
    • Payment Processor
    • Shipping and Taxes
  • Building out Home Page content

LightCMS Setup May Not Include:

  • Creation of custom imagery
  • HTML, CSS or JS code changes
  • Purchase or setup of any 3rd party products. For example:
    • A customer must purchase their own domain before a LightCMS Professional sets up the domain on the LightCMS website.
    • A customer must acquire their own merchant account before a LightCMS Professional sets up the store to work with said merchant account.

Choosing to offer LightCMS Setup services means that you, as a LightCMS Professional, agree to adhere to these guidelines. Keep in mind that you are also welcome to offer custom service packages in addition to LightCMS Setup. You are free to set the pricing and services included in your custom service packages so long as they are not priced lower than the cost of LightCMS Setup and they also meet any additional guidelines governing custom services.

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