Release 2014.12

New Features

  • The Check Out page now has a responsive design, making for a friendlier, easier-to-use check out experience.
  • Two new responsive designs, Civet and Liberty are now available in the Featured Designs section of the Design Gallery.


  • The Form Builder element has an updated new look that brings its appearance inline with other LightCMS elements.
  • Increased Form Builder security now means that a user on a trial site must be logged in to submit a form. This limitation is lifted when a site is upgraded to a paid site. Trial sites created by a reseller are not subject to this limitation.

Resolved Issues

  • The system now provides descriptive error message instead of a generic message when reporting errors for the Stripe payment gateway.
  • RSS feeds now account for blog post times.
  • The signup process now excludes special characters.
  • Store currency selection is no longer limited when the Stripe payment gateway is in use.
  • iCal imports from iCloud are working again.
  • Leading and trailing spaces have been removed from the blog post title HTML when viewing a blog post.



Common Questions

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