Release 2014.9

New Features

  • Added an Is Shareable checkbox on the element settings Advanced tab. Selecting this box marks the element as shareable, and it makes it available for selection on the shared element dropdown list on the Add Element modal.
  • Introduced the Add Element modal, offering a completely redesigned, mobile-friendly experience for adding elements to a page. This also reduces the number of clicks required to add an element by 50%.


  • Redesigned the Element Toolbars, giving them a more modern and discreet appearance.
  • Improved the appearance of the Add Element bar.
  • Reduced the Element Toolbar markup and sped up the addition of an element.

Resolved Issues

  • The checkout page would hang when the user entered the zip code if the currency format used periods for the thousands separator and commas for the decimal.
  • For accounts on the Partner Platform, the Update Subscription page should allow a maximum 10x markup. However, the page allowed only a 5x markup, which is the maximum markup for legacy accounts not on the Partner Platform. The page now allows a maximum 10x markup for partner accounts.
  • USPS First Class shipping was not calculated and presented as a shipping option for the customer, even when it was selected as an option in the store settings.
  • Clicking the HTML button on the UI resulted in a minor display issue of the text field.
  • The text area on the Blog Summary, Checkout and Payments Page, and on the Policies tab extended below the bottom of the frame, blocking the WYSIWYG controls located at the bottom of the field.
  • Selecting the HTML button on the text editor displayed the HTML code, but clicking the Design button did not revert back to WYSIWYG mode, and the editor continued to display HTML code.
  • Changes made within the Image Editor were not saved.

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