Release 2015.1

New Features

  • Client Billing 2.0 Activation is now available. Follow the Activate Client Billing button on the Partner Program page to activate client billing on your account. 
  • A new responsive design, Overture is now available in the design gallery.


  • The percentage discount code amount was limited to only three characters. This prevented entry of discounts such as 1.25%. The discount field now allows entry of up to 5 characters, and server side processing validates that the percentage is not greater than 100%. 

Resolved Issues

  • In certain situations, a one cent rounding error occurred because the rounding method used for calculating freight was different from the rounding method used for summing the order. The checkout page now uses the normal rounding method for both. 
  • The force password change at next log in check box would not save the setting if the box was checked and then unchecked prior to saving.
  • Special characters in event titles are now stored correctly.
  • Paths to digital product download files are now always generated the same way.
  • If a store customer entered a billing or shipping company name, the name was not included on the order-print.aspx page.  Now the company name, if entered, is listed above the customer name on the order-print.aspx page.

Common Questions

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