Release 2015.2

New Features

  • Client billing goes live with this release and the new billing methodology becomes active. Read the Client Billing 2.0 blog post for details.


  • Made numerous, subtle design changes across the sight to flatten the design, including buttons.

  • Updated the CSS to improve page load times and reduce file size.

  • Streamlined design code across the entire system to maximize performance.

Resolved Issues

  • When a user signed up via the sign up element, the name field in the user table was not populated. Since the user name is used as the edit link on the user page and no name existed, the record could not be edited. Now, if no name is found, the link defaults to "Edit User".

  • Image uploads for images with accepted extensions no longer fail.

  • When exporting a blog from one LightCMS site and importing it into another, the post-url, if provided, will also be imported.


Common Questions

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