Release 2015.3

New Features

  • You can now specify default page elements to automatically add to a page when you create it. Read the Editable Regions help topic for additional information.
  • The site Settings Basic tab now includes a Favicon upload option. 
  • You now have the ability to change all of the element titles to any heading level from H1 to H6. This gives you more SEO control with regard to the heading level used for your element titles. Titles for existing elements will remain at H1 and titles for new elements will be set to H2. You can now change the heading level for all element titles on the site Settings SEO tab. 

Note: See the Default Page Elements, Title Heading Levels, and Favicons blog post for more information on these features.

Resolved Issues

  • The website is now updated to show that Stripe payments are active when a user clicks the button to activate Stripe payments for their store and signs in to Stripe.
  • Corrected the issue that occasionally caused an image import to fail when images were imported with products in a product import.
  • The CVV field on the subscriptions page now allows entry of all zeroes for the CVV code.
  • In some situations the form element displayed a message that the form was in trial mode even though it wasn't.

Common Questions

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