Release 2015.4

New Features

  • You can now specify a thumbnail image to display next to a blog title in a blog listing.
  • The new LightCMS Starter Plan provides a less-expensive option for joining the LightCMS Developer Program. Visit the Developers page for more information on the LightCMS Developer Program.


  • New sites will now use Liberty as the default template instead of Haus. The template can be changed at any time by selecting Design from the admin menu and choosing a new design. See Liberty in action by visiting the LightCMS Design site.
  • Searching for a phrase encapsulated in quotes, such as "The big picture", now searches only for the phrase and not each word in the phrase.

Resolved Issues

  • Internal server errors when attempting to view invoices have been fixed.
  • The checkout screen once again displays the email address field for digital downloads.
  • When a user record is created as part of the sign up process with the sign up element, the full name field for the user record is now set as well.


Common Questions

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