Release 2015.5

New Features

  • The blog post now lets you specify a featured image. The image is displayed prominently on the page before the post. Featured images are added on the new blog post Images tab.
  • The new Plan Builder feature enables you to create up to five unique pricing plans for your clients. You create plans on the Developers tab of the Account Settings page.
  • The new responsive design, Knox is now available in the design area. You can see the design in action here.


  • The blog post settings page now contains a new Images tab. This tab lets you specify the featured and thumbnail images for the blog post.
  • The blog post thumbnail image has a new Show in List Views option. When checked the thumbnail image displays for any blog element formatted to display as a list. When unchecked the thumbnail image does not display in the list view.

Resolved Issues

  • The event date and blog post date displayed on the Manage Events and Manage Posts pages were incorrectly passed through a timezone conversion.  This conversion was unnecessary so it was removed.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented IE 10 from displaying images on the Image element Add/Edit page.
  • If a blog post had no author and was exported from LightCMS, it could not be re-imported into another blog element. Exported posts with no author, can now be imported into another blog element.
  • If a 301 redirect is set to go to the home page, it now redirects to the website root "/" instead of to "/home".
  • The website name is now HTML decoded in the order confirmation email subject line to remove HTML code.
  • Corrected the issue that caused the thumbnail image upload to fail when an image was uploaded during new post creation.

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