Release 2015.7

New Features

  • Each element on the site is now assigned a unique Global ID. You can view each element's Global ID on the element settings Advanced tab.
  • The new element token enables you to share elements across multiple pages by specifying the Global ID of the element. To use this feature you place the token in a template file and set the globalID attribute to the Global ID of the element you want to appear in that location. The specified element appears on every page that uses the template. 


  • Previously secure logins were controlled by the account owner at the account level. Account owners now have the ability to enable or disable secure logins at the site level. This feature is set on the website settings Advanced tab. The feature is enabled by default for newly created sites.
  • This release includes several minor UI enhancements to the calendar Add Event page to make its UI consistent with the rest of the admin UI.
  • Pages that are marked as hidden are no longer included on the sitemap.aspx page. Since the page does not appear in the sitemap, it will not be visible to search engines and not be listed on search results pages.

Resolved Issues

  • The subscription link is once again generated correctly for administrators on trial websites when the associated account has allowed administrators to upgrade trial websites.


Common Questions

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