Release 2016.6

New Features

  • Added the new code element for placing code on a page so that code no longer has to be added through the text element.
  • Added a feature to the account websites page to export admin users or all users.
  • A new responsive theme, Awake, is now available in the design area of the site.


  • Updated and reorganized the admin toolbar.
  • Added expand and collapse feature to the page bar.
  • Updated the calendar element to include responsiveness, light and dark themes, event highlighting, and more CSS for easier styling.
  • Added an option to the photo gallery advanced settings to disable FancyBox. This enables developers to use a different script for the photo gallery.
  • The blog post iTunes summary is now truncated to 4,000 characters.
  • The store checkout notification email now includes the customer email address and marketing materials flag in the body of the email.
  • When a site is set for 508 compliance, the form builder descriptor fields are defaulted to input name instead of input note. This makes the form 508 compliant.
  • The author email is now an optional entry for blog posts.

Issue Resolution

  • Blog tags are now included when importing a WordPress blog.
  • Sites provided through no longer receive the trial website popups.
  • The Media Manager now automatically selects the last uploaded image.
  • Corrected the calculation that client billing setup uses to ensure that you do not charge your clients less than the base cost of the site.

Common Questions

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