Tokens are small bits of code that let you integrate LightCMS's dynamic content management functionality with your website designs.  This section provides detailed information about our tokens and how to utilize them.

Section Menu

Purpose This token outputs an unordered list of hyperlinked menu items for each page in the current section only.  This can have two possible results:

  • If the current page does NOT have any child pages, the section menu outputs links to pages on the same level with the current page (its sibling pages). (exception: if the current page is on the root level of the site and does NOT have any child pages, nothing will be output).
  • If the current page does have at least one child page, the section menu outputs links to the child pages of the current page.
  • cssClass=  used to specify your own custom CSS class for use in styling the menu list.  This class is attached to the <ul> tag.
  • The CSS class, "selectedPage" is output in both the list item <li> and link <a> tags surrounding the menu item that represents the current page.  This allows you to style the current page's menu item differently from the rest of the menu items in the navigation list. (Note:  if the current page has child pages, this styling will have no effect because the name of the current page will not appear on the list).
  • The CSS class, "hasChildren" is output on the list item <li> surrounding any menu item representing a page that has one or more child pages.
Example Usage
Use this token to create section menu on your site pages.  Typically, the pages should also contain a root menu and a breadcrumb for maximum ease of navigation.  Use CSS to style the resulting unordered list of links as desired:

<$sectionmenu cssClass="sectionNav"/$>