Set Up Client Pricing Plans

The plan builder is available to users in the developer program who have signed up for client billing. The plan builder lets you create up to five unique pricing plans. To define pricing plans:

  1. Click the user menu in the admin toolbar and select Account.

  2. Click the Developers Tab.

  3. The Client Plans section lists all existing client plans. Only one client plan, Unlimited, exists by default.
  4. Click the + button. This adds a new column to the table and lets you enter the following information for the plan:
  • Plan Name--Enter a name for the plan. This name identifies the plan and is displayed on the upgrade screen.
  • Max Pages--Enter the maximum number of pages that a client on this plan can have.
  • Max Storage (GB)--Enter the maximum number of GB storage for this plan
  • Max Products--Enter the maximum number of products that a client on this plan can have.
  • Base Price--This column displays the base price of $19 per month, that you pay for this plan.
  • Your Price--Enter the amount to charge your client per month for this plan.
  • Your Profit--This column displays the difference between the base price and your price. This is your amount of profit for this plan.

  1. Click the + button to add an additional plan, up to five plans maximum.

    Note: The + button is not available once the maximum number of five pricing plans has been reached.

  2. Click the Save button to save your additions/changes.

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