Why do I keep getting logged out?

When a website is being created it is best that you use absolute links instead of the complete website address.  For example if your site address is http://yourdomain.publishpath.com then when you are adding a link to another page on your site you should use /about-us instead of http://yourdomain.publishpath.com/about-us.

If you plan to use the site with your own domain name, such as http://www.yourdomain.com, having the complete website address links could cause you to be logged out when you go to them. 


  1. I login to my site at http://www.yourdomain.com to change some text on the Submit A Site page.
  2. If I had used a complete website address such as http://yourdomain.publishpath.com/submityoursite, I would be taken directly to that address, and logged out because I went to a different address then what I logged into. 
  3. If I had used a absolute path for this address, such as /submityoursite, it would still be logged in because I would still be at the same address.

If you find that you are being logged out take a look at the address bar and see if you are on a different address then what you logged in under.  If so, you should go to the link you created and make it a absolute path.

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